My Geek Code (v3.1) says....

GE d s+:+ a+ C++ UBL* P+++ L++ E W++ N !o K? !w !O !M !V PS PE !Y !PGP t 5 X+ !R tv- b++ DI-- !D G e h+ r- z-

Geek: GE
I'm a geek of engineering.
Dress: d
I dress a lot like those found in catalog ads. Bland, boring, without life or meaning.
Shape: s+:+
I'm a little taller than most.
I'm a little rounder than most.
Age: a+
I'm between 40 and 49.
Computers: C++
Computers are a large part of my existence. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is log myself in. I play games or mud on weekends, but still manage to stay off of academic probation.
Unix: UBL*
I have a unix account to do my stuff in.
I have a unix account to do my stuff in.
Other Unix:
I have a unix account to do my stuff in.
Perl: P+++
Perl is a very powerful programming tool. Not only do I no longer write shell scripts, I also no longer use awk or sed. I use Perl for all programs of less than a thousand lines.
Linux: L++
I use Linux ALMOST exclusively on my system. I've given up trying to achieve Linux.God status, but welcome the OS as a replacement for DOS. I only boot to DOS to play games.
Emacs: E
Yeah, I know what emacs is, and use it as my regular editor.
Web: W++
I have a homepage. I surf daily. My homepage is advertised in my .signature.
Usenet: N
Usenet News? Sure, I read that once.
Usenet Oracle: !o
I don't consult the Usenet Oracle.
Kibo: K?
What's Kibo?
Windows: !w
I don't use Windows.
OS/2: !O
I don't use OS/2.
Macintosh: !M
I don't use a Mac.
I don't use VMS.
Politics-Social: PS
I really don't have an opinion; nobody's messing with my freedoms right now.
Politics-Economic: PE
Distrust both government and business.
Cypherpunks: !Y
I am not a cypherpunk.
I don't use PGP.
Trek: t
It's just another TV show.
Babylon 5: 5
I've seen it, I am pretty indifferent to it.
X-Files: X+
I've Converted my family and watch the show when I remember. It's really kinda fun.
Roleplaying: !R
I don't role-play.
Television: tv-
I watch tv for the news and 'special programming'.
Books: b++
I find the time to get through at least one new book a month.
Dilbert: DI--
Don't read it, but I think the dog is kinda cute.
I don't play Doom.
Geek Code: G
I know what the geek code is and even did up this code.
Education: e
Finished High School
Housing: h+
Living alone, get out once a week to buy food, no more than once a month to do laundry. All surfaces covered.
Relationships: r-
I have difficulty maintaining a relationship.
Sex[?]: z-
Not having sex by choice.